Education Law Violations

The recently fired principal, JoAnn Myers, the former assistant principal, now principal, Caitlin Franco along with the incompetent, dysfunctional, high turnover board continue to violate education law in addition to failing to provide a quality education to the students:

  • Equality still does not have it’s 501(c)3 tax exempt status.  The law states charters have up to one (1) year to get it.  Apparently, all IRS mail was being sent to the former Founder and Executive Director’s home address so when she was pushed out by the recently fired principal and new principal, nobody bothered to follow up on the status until recently but the school still does not have 501(c)3 status.
  • Equality still has not filed a tax return called a 990 which they are supposed to file every year.  First, they asked the IRS for an extension to February 2011 and now they asked for another extension to May 2011.
  • The law states no one employed by the charter school is allowed to sit on the board.  Equality refuses to comply with the law passed May 2010 and remove the principal as a board member.
  • Board members of Equality have not completed conflict of interest forms according to the new law

Not to mention common sense in hiring your husband and live-in boyfriend in a newly created Dean positions and using the school as your own personal piggy bank to give them money.

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