Corruption & Drama

The last months of the 2009/2010 school year, beginning in the Spring, the unemployed husband and live-in boyfriend of the Principal and Assistant Principal started hanging at the school, in the hallways EVERYDAY.  Then it dawned on them all, let’s hire them and give them a job because we can do whatever we want, the board won’t stop us and the parents won’t say anything.

So, they created two new positions called 7th and 8th grade deans and hired their men instead of spending that money on the students, perhaps providing tutoring for the majority of students who ended up failing the NYS ELA and Math Tests.

In December, there was an altercation between the Assistant Principal and the Principal’s husband resulting in the husband threatening the safety of the Assistant Principal and her notifying the board.  This resulted in the Principal and Assistant Principal no longer speaking to each other, including at the board meeting and the Principal finally fired by the board.

Now we have the Assistant Principal with her live-in boyfriend running the school with the incompetent board still impotent and dysfunctional as ever.

More to come, but this is the tip of the iceberg…

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