BREAKING NEWS!! Equality LOSES Case to shut down this website in their bid to keep the truth from parents and students.

Equality Charter School’s (ECS) incompetent principal failed in her attempt to shut down this website and keep the truth about this failing, mismanaged and corrupt charter school from parents, students and the public.  ECS not only wasted money hiring the unqualified partners of former principal JoAnn Myers and present principal Caitlin Franco, but hired lawyers to file a case in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND with ICANN and WIPO to shut down this website.

The money spent hiring their unqualified partners, paying lawyers to hide the truth and the canceled junket trip to Hawaii at the last minute totaling over $100,000 should have been spent on academic intervention support services for the students they’re not educating- the majority of which are failing.

Like the failing charter school they run, they FAILED at keeping the truth of this bad charter school from the public.

Below is the signed decision from Geneva, Switzerland DENYING THEIR COMPLAINT and ECS’s original complaint from their lawyers.

Signed Decision Against Equality Re Website

Equality Charter School Domain Name Complaint

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