Equality’s Released State Test Scores Show Equality is the LOWEST PERFORMING CHARTER SCHOOL IN THE BRONX

The newly released State ELA and Math Exams scores show the MAJORITY of students at Equality Charter School FAILED.  Last year, the MAJORITY failed also, but this it’s an EVEN GREATER MAJORITY of students who failed.  This was reported in the NY Daily News on Thursday, August 11, 2011.

We now have students who have failed their State ELA and Math Exams for TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS, who were not given the academic intervention support they needed because the former principal and present principal cried broke while creating jobs for their unqualified unemployed men spending over $100,000 dollars in salary and benefits.

That $100,000+ should have been spent on after-school tutoring and in-school academic intervention services so our children can learn.

Because the school leaders and board members put their men before our children, the MAJORITY OF STUDENTS AT EQUALITY FAILED THEIR STATE ELA AND MATH FOR TWO STRAIGHT YEARS!

That $100,000+ is your tax-paying dollars.

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