Board Chair fires Incompetent Principal, Caitlin Franco’s Live In Boyfriend (now husband)

Board Chair Ehri Mathurin in June convinced the rest of the incompetent board that it is in the best interests of the school AND to avoid a repeat situation of the previous incompetent principal, JoAnn Meyers and her husband who threatened to eff up the present principal Caitlin Franco in November 2010; to fire Franco’s brand new month old husband.

Franco was so furious with the board chair, Ehri Mathurin for firing her incompetent man who has complaints of abuse filed against him by Equality parents with the Special Commissioner of Investigation, she forced the teachers and staff to sign a petition to the board demanding her man not be fired.  Of course the teachers and staff who didn’t want to be fired by Franco, signed the petition.

The entire staff then had a meeting with 4 board members and 32 out of 35 teachers and staff members demanded that the board not fire Franco’s new husband.  The three staff members who did not speak at the board meeting demanding Franco’s new husband keep his job were all fired by Franco three (3) days before the last day of school.

The incompetent board after learning of Franco’s retaliation against school staff who did not comply with her demand to sign the petition and demand her new husband keep his job, did absolutely nothing.

Equality wasted tax-payer money that should have gone to helping their students who are failing on salaries for the unqualified men of the principals and the incompetent board allowed it.

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