8th Grade Parents Told in Mid-November, Equality’s Not Going to High School

In mid-November, the board had an emergency meeting and decided Equality will not add a 9th grade and go to high school.  This resulted in screwing the students and families who enrolled in the school because they offered a “seamless 6-12 transition”.  Equality denied students the opportunity to investigate and go through the high selection process by visiting schools, auditioning and preparing for the Specialized High School Tests.

They told parents the decision not to go to high school is because they’re not academically ready.

Next time, Equality families will be like the East New York Prep and Ross Global Academy Charter Schools families, SOL with the school being shut down.  All those families, didn’t think it would happen at their school either.

To read about recent charter schools last year and this year that were shut down for high turnover, poor academics, mismanagement and corruption like Equality, click the links under school names below:

1. East New York Prep Charter School




2. Ross Global Academy Charter School




Reading the stories of corruption, cronyism, mismanagement from now closed(ing) charters, their antics still are not as bad as Equality.  Their turnover and NYS Tests were better.

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