NYS Tests & Academics | Majority of Equality’s Students FAILED

Equality failed it’s students in preparing them for their NYS Tests.  Majority of the students failed miserably.  These students should have been better prepared.  It is the fault of the school leaders and board that the kids failed.

Below are the results for 6th and 7th graders.

6th Graders:

ELA – Only 45% of the 6th graders passed their ELA Test

Math – Only 58% of the 6th graders passed their Math Test

7th Graders:

ELA – Only 19% of the 6th graders passed their ELA Test

Math – Only 29% of the 7th graders passed their Math Test

Keep in mind the recently fired principal, JoAnn Myers was a Math Teacher and the former assistant Principal (who’s now principal), Caitlin Franco was an ELA teacher AND yet they failed to ensure the students were taught well enough to at least pass the NYS tests.

Kudos to the teachers at Equality who mostly all left.   They worked under such oppressive circumstances at risk of being fired at the Principal and Assistant Principal’s whim.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed this year, except for the board finally taking the power to hire and fire from the Principal.

For more information and to check the facts yourself about this failing charter school go to the New York Times at:


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