Teacher & Staff Turnover

Equality opened in September 2009.  The Teacher & Staff turnover has been higher than the other failing, mismanaged charter schools that ended up getting shut down.  Kudos to the teachers at Equality who mostly all left.   They worked under such oppressive circumstances at risk of being fired at the Principal and Assistant Principal’s whim.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed this year, except for the board finally taking the power to hire and fire from the Principal.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • In it’s first year, the Co-Founder & Executive Director, Peg Hoey, quit after being pushed out by the recently fired JoAnn Myers and newly appointed Principal (former assistant principal) Caitlin Franco.
  • A month after Peg Hoey left, the founding chairman of the Equality Board of Directors, Stephen Tosh also abruptly left.
  • At the end of the first year, June 30, 2010, almost 90% (NINETY) of the teachers and staff left and did not return in September 2010.
  • In the Summer of 2010, the new board chairman, Hashim Bello, who took over for the other board chairman that quit, also quit.  So, did another board member, Gina Feliciano.
  • A new board chair, Ehri Mathurin, who just joined the board in May 2010, became board chair
  • Since the school year began, more teachers and staff have left, this prompted the board in January 2011 to take away all hiring and firing of teachers and staff from the Principal, JoAnn Myers
  • In December, JoAnn Myers whose husband she hired in September 2010 in a newly created position of Dean for 7th graders with NO qualifications was fired by the board, after threatening the safety of the assistant principal, Caitlin Franco, who had also hired her live-in boyfriend in a newly created position of Dean for 8th graders also with NO qualifications.  In January, the board finally fired JoAnn Myers.  Now that Caitlin Franco, got JoAnn Myers out, she is now Principal with her live-in boyfriend as 6th grade Dean because he does not get along with the 8th grade students and some of their parents.  Read more at City Limits Newspaper at: http://www.citylimits.org/news/articles/4205/charter-school-struggling-hired-leaders-kin
  • This school year, we already have a few staff who have left

To read about recent charter schools last year and this year that were shut down for high turnover, poor academics, mismanagement and corruption like Equality, click the links under school names below:

1. East New York Prep Charter School




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Reading the stories of corruption, cronyism, mismanagement from now closed(ing) charters, their antics still are not as bad as Equality.  Their turnover and NYS Tests were better.

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